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A Series CO2 Laser Tube (Laser Accessory for Laser Equipment )

Product Standard: Q/EFR/J 1.1-2015 Certifications: CE certificate


Model Length(mm) Diameter(mm) Rated Power(W) Max Power(W) Current(mA) Catalyst
A1 1100±20 Φ80±2 70 85 540 Yes
A2 1250±20 Φ80±2 80 90
A4 1400±20 Φ80±2 90 110
A6 1650±20 Φ80±2 120 140 360


1.The catalyst contained laser tube uses non-tunable cavity and advanced glass to metal-seal technology, ensuring the laser has a service life of 540 days.

2.Upgraded laser lens inside the cavity offers good spot quality, making CO₂ the laser tube reach the quasi-TEM00 fundamental mode, with higher accuracy.

3.This laser equipment accessory features excellent beam quality, small spot, and fast response speed, making it widely used in laser marking machines and engraving machines.

4.The CO₂ laser tube has passed the verification of many enterprise customers, because the working mode is stable, and the cost performance is extremely high.

5.It is equipped with a dust cover design for the laser light outlet, which is suitable for a variety of industrial environments.

Product Showcase


EFR's high power, durable and stable CO₂ laser tubes have a small light spot and can be used as laser cutting machine accessories, laser engraving machine accessories, and laser marking machine accessories. As they play an important part in cutting, engraving and marking of leather products, car seats, clothes, paper, and other products in the advertising, packaging, craft processing, decorative construction material industries, our laser consumables are widely recognized and popular among numerous manufacturers of laser machines.


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