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CO2 Laser Optics (CO2 Laser consumable for Laser Machines)

    1. Total Reflector

      The Mo total reflector is typically uncoated and can withstand high laser power to meet the demanding requirements for working environments.

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    1. Laser Focus Lens

      We use US imported CVD ZnSe with a low absorption and double sided, anti-reflection capabilities to enable the ZnSe focus lens to withstand a high laser power density.

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EFR supplies two types of CO2 laser optics: total reflector, and laser focus lenses, in addition to their CO2 laser tubes and CO2 laser power supply. The CO2 laser mirrors are essential parts for optical processing machines such as laser cutting machines, laser engraving machines, laser marking machines, and other laser processing equipment. They are widely applicable to different industries, including advertising, packaging, craftwork processing, decorative building materials, and clothing.

EFR specializes in research, development and production of CO2 laser devices and related products. For more information about laser equipment accessories, please browse the detailed pages or feel free to contact us.