Beijing EFR Laser S&T Co., Ltd.

Add.: No.101, Building 22, No.6 Hengye Seven Street, Yongle Industrial Development Zone, Tongzhou District, Beijing

Zip Code: 101105

Contact person: Mr. Zhang

Tel.: +86-10-64361009

Mobile phone: +86-15901348506

24-hour service hotline: 4008-500-005

Fax: +86-10-64361009


QQ: 2850988359


About Us
  • Company Profile

  • Beijing EFR Laser S&T Co., Ltd is a new technology enterprise that specializes in the research, development and production of CO2 laser tubes and related products. With 20 years of experience in providing innovative CO2 laser devices, we have been awarded a number of technical letter patents.

    We employ a group of skilled technicians, and own independent production lines for glass tubing blanks, a spotless optical workshop and dozens of production lines for standard laser tubes. With over 50,000 pieces produced annually, our CO2 laser tubes, CO2 laser power supplies, CO2 laser optic and other related products have become a popular item on today's market and are widely used in a variety of laser processing machines, including laser cutting machines, laser engraving machine replacement parts, laser welding machines consumables, and laser drilling machine parts for different industries.

    EFR Laser launched F-220 series CO2 laser tube specialized for metal & non-metal laser cutter in 2015, whose working life is up to 10,000 hours. The single laser tube maximum output power is up to 260W. Compared to similar products, our products have smaller volume, better spot mode and higher cutting speed.

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  • Why Us

  • Stable and Durable Project
    With a high stability, incredibly long service life, and a leak-proof performance, EFR's different series of CO2 laser devices have different laser powers to meet the diverse requirements of different applications, and have been highly praised by our customers.
    With high quality laser beams and a life-span of up to 10,000 hours, the ZX series CO2 laser tubes are leak proof, which solves the problem of changed output modes as caused by a deformed optical cavity.

    Excellent Credibility among Customers
    Our international trade team has nearly 10 years of experience, and has successfully exported our products to over 40 different countries and regions worldwide. EFR branded laser equipment accessories are widely recognized on international markets, and have gained the trust of thousands of clients.

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  • Certificates

  • EFR has focused on the research and development of CO2 laser devices for 20 years, and has earned a number of technical letter patents.

    • Utility Model Patent for a CO2 Laser Tube
    • Utility Model Patent for a CO2 Laser Tube with Innovative Structure
    • Utility Model Patent for a CO2 Laser Tube with Sealed Structure
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    • Exhibition in Brazil in 2016
    • Exhibition in Brazil in 2016
    • Exhibition in Brazil in 2016
    • Exhibition in Brazil in 2015
    • Exhibition in India in 2015
    • Exhibition in India in 2015
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