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CO2 Laser Power Supply for CO2 Laser Tubes (Laser Equipment Accessory)

Country of Origin: China
Product Standard: Q/EFR/J 1.1-2012
Category: Electronic device, mechanical and electronic products

Application: EFR's CO2 laser power supply can be used together with CO2 laser tubes. With different types and models available, this laser equipment accessory can match laser tubes with different power levels.

The safe and reliable laser power supply can be connected directly to the laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine, and other laser equipment to achieve precision cutting and engraving on acrylic plastic, cloth, rubber plates, and leather products.


Item PS-N80 PS-N100 PS-N150
Input Input voltage AC90-250V
AC frequency 47---440Hz
Max input power 500W 700W 900W
Max input current (when 90V input) 6A 8A 10A
Output Max output voltage 40KV 45KV 55KV
Max output current 28mA 32mA 38mA
Efficiency ≥90% (full load)
MTBF(mean time between failure) ≥10000hours
Response speed ≤1mS(the time from the signal is given to output current reaches 90% of set current )
Withstand voltage Input-output, input-shell: AC1500V 10mA 60s
Working environment Temperature (-10~40)℃, relative humidity: ≤90%
Cooling Force air cooling
Network cable Length(M) 1.5M/3M 1.5M/3M 1.5M/3M
Dimension L*W*H(mm) 235*144*104 278*144*104 330*144*104
Weight Net weight(KG) 2.15kg 2.45kg 3.2kg
Color Silver grey

Product Showcase

Great Compatibility: Characterized by a high efficiency, frequency, and speed, the PS-N series CO2 laser power supply is a matched power supply for CO2 laser devices. With the great compatibility, it can easily and directly be connected to laser devices without a ballast.

High Efficiency: The laser equipment power supply features a high power transfer efficiency and can facilitate the start of the CO2 laser tube, enabling it to work properly, and ensure a prolonged service life.

Dual-Use Interface: The CO2 laser power supply is equipped with a dual-use interface, which can either be used to achieve closed-loop control, or to test the actual operating current of the laser tube.

Open Circuit Protection: The CO2 laser power supply for optical processing machinery can achieve open circuit protection. If the housing has a safe ground connection, the laser power supply can function on an open circuit for a short amount of time. This protection helps extend the service life of the laser power supply.


Name Model Dimension (L×W×H) (mm) Matched CO2 Laser Tube Warranty
CO2 Laser Power Supply PS-N80 250×139×107 1200CL, F2, ZS-1250, 1600CL 18 Months
PS-N100 285×139×107 F4, ZS-1450 18 Months
PS-N130-150 352×139×107 F6, F8, F10, ZS-1650, ZS-1850, ZS-2050 18 Months

Thanks to a zero-current half bridge soft-switching current, the CO2 laser power supply has a high efficiency, short response time and easy interface control. It responds to signals sent by the TTL high/low level switch, and controls the switch on/off laser devices.

This laser power device is also equipped with a protection switch, which can effectively detect abnormal water and air ventilation. It can receive 0-5V analog signals, and a PWM signal to regulate laser power.

Aging Test: Each laser tube power supply must undergo a 10 hour, full-load operation under a 65℃ temperature. They must also undergo on/off switch tests every 7 seconds, and must do so 300 times.

Package Size

Type of Power Supply Quantity of Power Supply Product Net Weight (Kg) Carton Capacity Carton Dimension (L×W×H) Product Rough Weight (Kg)
60/80W 1 2.12kg 1 small set 34.5×15×12 2.6kg
1 2.12kg 1 large set 32×20×20 2.9kg
2 4.24kg 2 sets 40×40×19 5.0kg
4 8.48kg 4 sets 40×40×31 9.8kg
100W 1 2.45kg 1 small set 34.5×15×12 2.95kg
1 2.45kg 1 large set 32×20×20 3.3kg
2 4.9kg 2 sets 40×40×19 5.75kg
4 9.8kg 4 sets 40×40×31 11.2kg
130/150W 1 3.2kg 1 small set 41×15×12 3.5kg
1 3.2kg 1 large set 39.5×20×20 3.9kg
2 6.35kg 2 sets 47×40×19 7.85kg
4 12.5kg 4 sets 47×40×32 14.5kg
60W Black 1        
2   2 sets 34.5×15×12  
4   4 sets 40×40×19  
6   6 sets 47×40×32  
80W Black 1 3kg      
2 6kg 2 sets 40×40×19 7.2kg
4 12kg 4 sets 47×40×32 13.3kg
130/150W Black 1 4.6kg 1 large set 47×39×19 5.35kg
2 9.2kg 2 sets 47×40×32 10.5kg
4 18.4kg 4 sets 47×40×32 19.89kg

1. Carton dimension error: ±1cm
2. Rough weight error: ±1 kg

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